• 2015 Q3 — Amazon sales are up 23% to $25.4 Billion.
    FBA units shipped grew 50% year–over–year for 2014 holiday season.
    You need tools to succeed in this world of Big Numbers.
    Introducing AZ gizmos.
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Opportunity Gizmo Visual Product Identification (aka Scouting)

Whether you are expending your business online, developing white labeling business, or in search of retail arbitrage — finding the right products determines the success. Our intelligent parsing, in just one click , will fetch and analyze dozens of products — pricing, ranking, product dimensions, and even BuyBox ownership.

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Opportunity Gizmo works with both Product and Search Pages, and offers:

From Opportunity to Imperative

Next on our Roadmap — Imperative Gizmo

You found that perfect AZ Opportunity — the price point, the ranking, and the costs — all signs point to profitability. But be careful to jump at that opportunity right away — ensure consistency over time. Introducing AZ Imperative — critical decisions based on a trend, not just a single snapshot. Built from ground up to deal with large catalogs of Opportunities and Products.

Information at fingertips

Catalog of Opportunities measured in hundreds or thousands require systematic tracking, alerting, and analytics. Spreadsheets and constant rechecking will slow you down, and often lead to poor decisions. Make it Imperative.

Merchant Tracking

Get notified when competition changes, highlight Amazon as a seller.

Rank Tracking

Let's face it — no Amazon business is alike. Some are setup to run high–volume/low margin operations, others would not bother with a product with ranking of less than 100,000. Make sure the identified products maintain its popularity — set the thresholds that fit your business.

Price Tracking

Was it a price mistake? Is MAP really enforced? Strange price drop over weekends? Take guesswork out of your decision making — rely on overtime trends.

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